Won, Il-Min

Hilscher Korea Inc.

Won, Il-Min is the CEO of Hilscher Korea Inc. He started working at Hilscher Gesellschaft für Sytemautomation mbH, Germany in March 2009 and was appointed the head of Hilscher Korea when it was founded in October of the same year.

Mr. Won first set foot in the field of automation as a member of Samsung Electronics Production Engineering Center, where he participated in various communication projects for controllers, robots, and other automation systems. He has product development, marketing, and sales experience as well, which he earned from working at a venture company for years. He graduated from a business school to further his understanding of the overall aspects of business administration.

To promote the use of fieldbus and real-time Ethernet technologies, Mr. Won started giving lectures at technical labs and universities in the early 2000s—back in the days when the term “industrial communication technology” was still a novel concept. Today, he continues to give lectures on the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial communication.

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