Raffaele Vallauri

R&D and Process Engineering Executive VP

Raffaele Vallauri earns a Master Degree in Materials Engineering from Politecnico University of Milan and has over 15 years of working experience within high-tech Companies

He started to work in Pirelli Optical Components (Photonics - Pump lasers) in 2000 as MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy) Process Engineer

He moved than to ST Microelectronics in 2002 and worked there till 2011. He covered differing roles from technical to management activities. He started working as Senior Process Engineer in the EWS (Electrical Wafer Sort) department and after 3 ys he has been promoted to Process Engineering Group Manager. He had the opportunity to work directly on:

  • Probers setup definition and optimization
  • Probers selection and qualification
  • Probe card and tester mechanical interfaces
  • Test cell integration: prober, probe card, docking, tester interface
  • Front-End – Back-End compatibility
  • Worldwide ST PTCs on probers and probe cards

It has been a deep dive into probe cards technology from End User point of view

In 2008 he had the opportunity to move to ST MEMS Microfluidics Division as Marketing Program Manager and this gave him the opportunity to further broaden his experience.

He joined Technoprobe in 2011 as R&D Manager and since 2012 as R&D and Process Engineering Director. He is now Executive VP and he is leading a Team of more than 25 technical people. In the meantime Technoprobe revenues have triplicated.

He is responsible for all technology and process developments related to probe cards for wafer testing.

He has presented several papers at SWTW and he has been granted several patents together with his colleagues at Technoprobe.

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