Paul MacDonald

Senior Director
KLA Corporation
Paul MacDonald has served as KLA's Senior Director for MACH (Measurement, Analytics, Control, Highway) since January 2017. In this role, Mr. MacDonald is responsible to provide process control solutions to KLA’s customers that keep them in control of their fab and data, while helping them reach entitlement of their tool installed base. Mr. MacDonald has held multiple other roles at KLA, including Head of Wafer Inspection Group Applications, Head of EBEAM Marketing and Applications, and SensArray Marketing. Prior to joining the Company in 2007 with the acquisition of OnWafer Technologies, Mr. MacDonald spent ten years with Applied Materials in the areas of etch, CVD, and service. Mr. MacDonald earned his electrical engineering degree from Pennsylvania State University, and has multiple patents in the Semiconductor field, as well as numerous published papers and conference presentations.
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