카즈토 히로세

Business Development Manager

Kazuto Hirose has been a Business Development Manager at NVIDIA’s Automotive Business since Apr. 2017 with responsibility for strengthening collaboration with Startups, HER (Higher Education and Research), HD Map, and automotive technology suppliers.
Prior to joining NVIDIA, Mr. Hirose has 15+ years of experience in business development, product/financial planning at automotive companies such as Continental Automotive and Nissan Motors. Managed products such as Airbag Systems, global commercial vehicle projects. Succeeded in closing large cross company R&D and business deals.
He also has five years of experience in control software development at FANUC Robot Lab. Provided substantial cost and time (66%) reductions for the client by significantly improving path accuracy under different override conditions based on a new control architecture.
Kazuto Hirose received a MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwester Univ. and MS from the Univ. of Tokyo, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is also a member of JSAE (Japan Society of Automotive Engineers) and IEEE ITSS (Intelligent Transportation Systems Society).

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