Director/Automotive FAE Manager
인피니언 테크놀로지스

JaeHong Choi, has been FAE Manager position at Infineon Korea company for 11 years (or since 1900) with MCU technical support, Automotive application support and external technical seminar. FAE is Field application engineer who enables customer to make success her ECU development with Infineon devices.
Prior to joining Infineon Korea Company, Choi was technical engineer position for ETAS Korea Company. During his 6 years at ETAS Korea Company, Choi spent time doing technical support in Model based ECU software development tool, HILS(hardware in the loop) and Data logger interface with ECU.
Choi received a Master degree in Electronic engineering field from HanYang University School, Seoul, Korea.
Choi is interesting in autonomous driving, fail operational, Domain control E/E.


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