Semics Inc.

Semics Inc.


Semics Inc is introducing OPUS series with New technologies - OPUS Genie, Mini, and Real Group Prober in the Semicon Korea 2019.


Semics Inc., a semiconductor probe equipment manufacturer, drastically improves the probe contact that has so far been a problem in probing with new Probing force feedback technology and chuck teaming with OPUS Series with new technology in Semicon Korea 2019.

It introduces OPUS Genie & Mini, and Real Group Prober, which have dramatically improved the probe contact and flexibility that has been problematic so far.

This is a new technology that can maintain probe contact within 1um and thus significantly increase the life of the probe card.

The new OPUS Genie  target for probing high-end 8” & 12” wafer as well as OPUS-mini target also probe to 6”& 8” wafer, also enable 12" wafer probing in the future by only replacing loaders.

New OPUS series feature Real Time Force Feedback & Chuck tilting which significantly reduce probe card consumption, which is the most expensive expense in wafer test.

If you are interested about New OPUS Genie/Mini technology, you can solve the mystery at Semicon Korea 2019 by contacting e-mail: ss@semics.com or by meeting at Semicon Booth Hall A604

Semics Inc. founded in 2000, is a small and strong company that has a number of core patents in semiconductor probe equipment at home and abroad. It is a leader around the world for the most advanced memory and SOC products in wafer probing, where semiconductor wafers or WLCSP production process.

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