이고르 투로비츠

Senior Research Scientist
노바 메저링 인스트루먼트

Dr. Igor Turovets is a Senior Research Scientist in the CTO "path-finding" group at Nova Measuring Instruments, manufacturing integrated and SA scatterometry products. Igor has been working at Nova in the field of semiconductor process and metrology development for over 17 years, focusing on scatterometry, applications and process control.
Prior to joining Nova from 1996 to 2000 Dr. Igor Turovets was part of Intel R&D and production teams for developing lithography and patterning processes for logic and memory products, metrology and electrical testing.
Dr. Igor Turovets holds a BSc in Organic Chemistry and PhD in Physical Chemistry from The Moscow State University, Russia. Dr. Igor Turovets is co-author of multiple patents and publications.


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