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Metrology, Senior Member Technical Staff

Benjamin Bunday is currently Senior Member Technical Staff in Metrology division at GLOBALFOUNDRIES (Malta, NY). For fifteen years he led SEMATECH’s CD metrology benchmarking, evaluation, and development efforts, and in the past seven years has broadened his outlook towards strategic technology development efforts in CD, films and defect inspection metrology. He led SEMATECH’s well-known Advanced Metrology Advisory Group (AMAG), and is actively involved with the metrology chapter of the ITRS. He has twenty-one years of semiconductor processing industry experience in the areas of metrology, lithography, and etch. Bunday received his BS in Engineering Physics in 1991 from The University of Tulsa, and his MS/ABD in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University in 1996 in Ithaca, NY. He is a member the programming committee of SPIE’s Metrology conference and author or coauthor of over 130 papers.


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