Won-Seob Cho

Head of Semiconductor Research, BASF Electronic Materials R&D Center Asia

Won-Seob Cho, Ph.D. is currently Head of Semiconductor Research at BASF Electronics Materials R&D Center Asia, located in Suwon, Korea. At the lab, his research teams are responsible for advanced chemical solutions in cleaning, plating, and planarization. Prior to taking his position at BASF 5 years ago, Won-Seob was Principal Researcher at Samsung SDI and Samsung Fine Chemicals, specializing in planarization and plating solutions.

Won-Seob received a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from University of Texas at Austin and was a postdoctoral fellow in Supra-molecular Chemistry at University of California at Los Angeles. He also co-authored “Anion Receptor Chemistry” book which is used widely as a reference in academic and professional levels.


Won-Seob with his wife has two children and lives in Suwon.

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