Supika Mashiro

Expert/ System Development Center
Tokyo Electron LTD.
Supika Mashiro has been in various management/expert positions at Tokyo Electron Ltd. since 2010 with responsibility of coordinating with SEMI and other Standards, industry groups, and roadmap developments.
Mashiro started taking part in SEMI Standard activities from 1997 when she worked for Anelva Corporation (Current Canon Anelva Corporation). Since then, she’s been serving various leadership roles in various technical/administrative committees and their TFs under the SEMI Standard Program.
She started her involvement in the ITRS (International Roadmap for Semiconductor) in the FI (Factory Integration) and ESH focus areas from 2012 and currently a co-leader of the IRDS (International Roadmap for Devices and Systems) FI IFT (international focus team).
Mashiro received a BS degree in Applied Chemistry from Yamagata Univershity, Japan. Mashiro has been a member of Japan Society of Applied Physics for 29 years and a member of IEEE Electron Device Society for 20 years.
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