ShinJae You

Chungnam National University, South Korea

“ShinJae You”, Ph.D. has been a professor position at Chungnam National University since 2014. He is an expert on plasma physics based on the plasma diagnostics he made, such as 7 dimensional space plasma space measurement of Langmuir probe. He is also interested in development of plasma diagnostics tech which can apply the semiconductor processing field like a cutoff probe presented today. He is also of inventor of cutoff probe and its related 24 patents.  

Prior to joining Chungnam National University, “Prof. You” was a distinguished research scientist for Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS). During his 7 years at KRISS, “Prof. You” spent time doing plasma physics and diagnostics research. He has served as 13 international journal of paper such as APL, PSST, POP, and so on. He has been a president of Plasma Division of KIDS, a vice president of Plasma division of KVS and a General Secretary of Plasma Division of KPS.

”Prof. You” received a Ph. D degree in Plasma Physics from KAIST 2005, Daejeon, South. His thesis title is “Studies on Electron Heating and Transport Mechanism in Capacitive Coupled Plasma”.

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