Ofer Adan

Director of Patterning Control Technology
Applied Materials
Ofer Adan, has been head of patterning control technology at Applied Materials. Adan Held various roles leading solutions in metrology inspection and process control since 2001.

Adan Co-chairs SPIE Advanced Lithography’s Metrology Inspection and Process Control conference.

Adan received an M.Sc. degree in electronic materials engineering from Ben Gurion University. Where Adan developed a failure criterion for crack propagation in a re-entrant angle under thermal loading and applied it to improve reliability of interfaces between interconnects and passivation layers in CMOS imaging devices.

Adan has several patents and over 50 publications on fracture, metrology, inspection, and process control. Adan was awarded several best paper awards at various conferences among them the Diana Nyyssonen Memorial Award.

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