Namsung Kim

Senior Director Engineering
Applied Materials

Namsung Kim is a Senior Director in the Advanced Product Technology Development (APTD) at Applied Materials. He is responsible for overseeing the logic device technology roadmap and defining inflections of future device technology challenges as well as developing innovative solutions & validating product development paths by leading the FEOL/MOL Transistor Technology Team.
Namsung joined Applied Materials, USA in 2015, bringing over 20 years of semiconductor FEOL/device integration experiences from both Logic (GlobalFoundries/IBM alliance in USA and SSMC in Singapore) and Memory (SK-Hynix, previously LG Semi., in Korea) industries. He earned a MS in electrical and computer engineering from the National University of Singapore. He has authored and co-authored more than 45 technical publications and holds over 40 patents in the field of advanced logic and memory technologies.


You can hear his presentation at S3. Device Technology(STS)

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