Myung-Hee Na

Distinguished Engineer
IBM Research

Myung-Hee Na is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Research.

Dr. Na has been a semiconductor technologist at IBM for over 15 years in various areas of cutting edge Semiconductor Research and Development.  Her expertise includes from fundamental technology definition in the areas of device design, enablement, and characterization, to product-technology interaction.

Dr. Na has made significant contributions in semiconductor R&D for several generations of semiconductor technologies in various engineering and managerial capacities.  Notable achievements include the introduction of high-k metal gate technology, and FinFET device architectures in bulk and SOI technologies. 

She has received several IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards for her accomplishments.  In addition, she has co-authored numerous research papers, and holds several U.S. and international patents. She is currently a Technical Executive in IBM Research, responsible for overall technology enablement for advanced technology and AI hardware enablement. . She received a B.S. and Ph.D. in Physics.

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