PhD / ST Expert / R&D Etch Process Manager
ST Microelectronics
Dr. Mohamed BOUFNICHEL, Etch Process Manager at STMicroelectronics Company since 2007 has the responsibility to guide technology development and lead transition from R&D to manufacturing. These last years, subject of great interest such as Lithium-based material etching, IBE technology development have been performed.
In 2002, he joined STMicroelectronics as Plasma etching Engineer. During this first period, he spent time in the development and industrialization of the DRIE technology. His active role in the process has been company awarded in 2009 with ST Expert Grade.

In 1999, he holds a M.S. in Laser & Plasma Physics and then received its PhD in Plasma Physics at Orléans University, France, in 2002.

From 2002 till now, he has been involved in co-direction of thesis covering the fields of “Cryogenic DRIE”, “GaN etching” and “Simulation of the DRIE process”. He produced several papers, patents and is referee for several journals.
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