Masayuki Tomoyasu

Mr./ Corporate SVP, Process Development, Semiconductor R&D Center
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Masayuki Tomoyasu has been Corporate SVP position at Samsung Electronics since 2014 with responsibility of Process Development at Semiconductor R&D center.  Manufacturing Equipment especially Dry Etcher is his responsibility. Activities are mainly in twofold. Firstly, advanced equipment development is led according to in-detail roadmap discussion and process/plasma reactor mechanism analysis. Secondly variability reduction is pursued by developing and applying various process/equipment monitoring technologies and equipment management methodologies.

Prior to joining Samsung Electronics, Tomoyasu was Vice President for Tokyo Electron Miyagi. During his 31 years at Tokyo Electron group, Tomoyasu spent longest time doing Dry Etcher research and development including 2f-CCP, Helical resonator, MRIE and Electron Beam Exited plasma. Tomoyasu led other development project such as Advanced process control by using scatterometry and OES, Wafer charging neutralization by Plasma flood gun. Tomoyasu also lead collaborations with SEMATECH, SRC and imec.

Tomoyasu graduated from University of Tokyo, Applied Physics, Faculty of Engineering.

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