Hyoungcheol Kwon

Tech Leader (Senior Engineer)
SK hynix

Hyoungcheol Kwon, Ph.D. has been Tech Leader of Integration TCAD team at SK Hynix since 2013 with

responsibility of plasma unit process (etch/deposition) modeling and finding solutions for productivity enhancement in DRAM and 3D NAND.

He is an expert in plasma etch profile analysis and RCP (such as frequency, power, temperature, and gas imxture) optimization using the extended

effective frequency concept developed by himself. He is currently leading a group of engineers working on unit process profile & damage analysis

and optimized RCP & Layout concept design.

Dr. Kwon received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from POSTECH, Pohang, S. Korea (2013). He studied electron & ion kinetics in low

temperature plasmas for various operating pressures (few mTorr ~ atmospheric pressure). His thesis title is

"Investigation of Electron Kinetics in Atmospheric-Pressure Microplasmas through Particle-in-Cell Simulation"

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