Dongsoo Lee

Etch Technologist
Lam Research Korea

“Dongsoo Lee”, Ph.D. has been an Etch Technologist position at Lam Research Korea since 2016 with responsibility of plasma/RF diagnostics, dielectric etcher productivity, and dielectric etch process development.

Prior to joining Lam Research Korea, Lee was in a principal engineer position for Samsung Electronics. During his 5 years at Samsung, Lee spent time doing responsibility of developing several plasma sensors using optical and electrical methods, developing a tunable microwave plasma source, and pulsed bias power to control the ion energy. Lee also worked in Mattson Technology and Lam Research in USA for developing ICP source and dielectric etch process, as well.

Lee received a Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA (2008) and master and bachelor’s degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (2003, 1999).

He has published multiple academic journals for plasma diagnostics, including Physical Review Letters, and patents of tunable plasma sources and high-speed plasma sensors.

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