Workforce Development (WFD)

SEMICON Korea launches workforce development(WFD) program to draw the next generation of innovators. It includes tutorials, mentoring seminar led by industry professionals and special discount for university students.


1. Registration for Students

University students can register both exhibition and seminars at the registration site for university students only.
We hope you join SEMICON Korea for the first step to become an expert in semiconductor industry.
  • Early Registration by Jan 16(Wed), 2019

※  Students are requested to present a certification of enrollment for student discount.


2. Special Discount for University Students!

SEMI offers special discount for University Students.
With the One Day Pass, you can enter all seminars of that day.

※ One Day Pass is available only for Early Registration(On-line Registration).


3. Workforce Pavilion - Meet the Experts!

Meet the Experts! the Mentoring Seminar only for university students will be held on SEMICON Korea 2019.
You can meet the experts from the industry and hear what you really want to know by participating the seminar and 1-on-1 mentoring.
  • Date: Jan 25(Fri), 2019
  • Time: 13:00-17:00
  • Room: #401, Conference Room (South), COEX
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4. Workforce Pavilion - Tutorials


Basic tutorials about semiconductor manufacturing process will be provided for university students for enhancing the understanding not only fundamentals but also technology trend.

Day 1: Jan 23 (Wed) 09:00-12:00
Day 2: Jan 24 (Thu) 09:00-12:00


5. SEMICON Korea Supporters

SEMICON Korea 2019 is looking for university student supporters who will promote 2019 most effectively.


6. Workforce Pavilion - HTU Reunion

High Tech U(HTU) is career exploration program for middle school student who want to know more about careers in high tech industry.
HTU alumni will be gathered again at SEMICON Korea to see and experience semiconductor industry.
  • Date: Jan 25(Fri), 2019
  • Time: 10:00-13:00
  • Room: #403, Conference Room (South), COEX
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* All workforce development programs will be conducted in Korean.

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